Kelly Gallagher

[email protected]

I came to yoga in 2011 curious about developing a physical practice.  As a former gymnast I figured I would be a natural.  I was not.  I struggled with balance, focus, patience and more than anything my ego.  I could not be fully present on my mat as I was too focused on my to-do lists, the mats of others and really anything that could distract me from the physical practice I was searching for.  What I did not know was that this search for the physical practice, what I thought was yoga, would unexpectedly and almost unnoticeably guide me towards a mental and spiritual practice that is beginning to change my life.

I recently completed my 200 hour YTT and I have been honored to begin to lead practices at ELHY and Firefly.  I am a junky for the heat but ultimately just love the environment that has been cultivated in both of these spaces.  They are beautiful, inspiring, and welcoming studios and I am truly blessed to practice and now teach at both.