Class Descriptions

We highly recommend pre-registering for classes. There is an app available for your phone (Mindbody Connect) that allows for easy booking and cancellations and syncs automatically with your studio account and packages. Use the same email you gave us on your waiver for the app.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the class you registered for as we do start letting the reserved spots go 10 minutes before class. If you are running behind, call the studio and we will keep your spot! On the same note, classes start on time and we do lock the door so just be sure to get ahold of us if you are running late.

Arms, Abs & Assets

This fitness-inspired class will be sure to tone your triceps, strengthen your six-pack and kick your booty in the right way! A fusion of yoga, strength-training, and cardio-inspired movement, done with weights and/or exercise bands, will blend together in each session. Expect upbeat, inspiring music and instruction...and of course that feel-good, left it on the mat afterglow!

Spartan Power Fusion

50/50 yoga fusion class in the hot room, focused on the joy of yoga poses and sequences combined with building the muscular strength necessary to perform such challenging yoga asanas as plank, the Warriors, chaturanga, and inversions. Expect to get lost in a dynamic mix of yoga, plyometrics, body-weight resistance exercises, whatever our teachers come up with to sculpt you and help you find your true inner strength! We fused a few ideas of our and yours to create a dynamic class that loosens all the traditional boundaries around your yoga practice.

Slow Burn

From slower progressive sequences, to longer holding postures, your entire body and mind are brought into balance in this intense yet focused and calming class. You will hold poses a little longer allowing you the opportunity to experience your practice with greater sensitivity and awareness. While it’s a little slower pace, you will still sweat and feel the burn as you build muscle, inner strength and stamina. You will be encouraged to explore the benefits of each posture while finding your personal balance of challenge and release. A nice savasana at the end ensures you have the time and environment to finish your practice your way.

Kick Your Asana!

This intense high powered class's intention is to kick your ass in the sweetest and sneakiest way possible. It's a little bit of everything from pilates to aerobic and anerobic spikes to a bit of vinyasa flow and innovative stretchy fascia work...all set to a fabulous playlist. We give you several opportunities to take water and rest breaks and please know you can leave the room or lie down whenever you want. This is ELHY's most popular signature class, so do sign up early.

Hot Hiit & Core

This is an all bodies welcome hour of serious high intensity intervals + strength + weight training + yoga + great music! When Tyelor (Tuesday) is teaching it's a fast paced series of four rounds of three or four 35 second exercises starting with cardio and moving into strength and core work. Nicole (Thursday) teaches a more yoga centered class that offers one 7 1/2 minute hiit session and she often throws in weights and/or bands.

Candlelight Slow Burn

Join us in the hot room for a candlelit class that covers all the bases. From a mellow warm up to a pleasantly challenging flow to a gentle stretchy finish, this class is suitable for all levels and is guaranteed to put you in the mood for a wonderful sleep or night of studying, reading or netflix!

Candlelight Sweat & Surrender

Find yourself in another world. Escape this reality and dream a practice that dances, plays, sings, grooves, sails, swims. Free your mind. Liberate your senses. Explore the darkness. Soothe through a warm up and flow that'll get the sweat rolling down your face, and finish up with a sleep inducing series of long holds.

Gentle Balance & Strength

Join Jen for this all levels class where she mixes a strength building flow and balance poses into a perfect hour of beginner to intermediate yoga with a great playlist.

Power Vinyasa

We use the term “power” as a means of allowing you the option to awaken your own personal power ever so gently or progressively - the choice is up to you! This class is a flow based class with a focus on linking conscious breath to mindful movement. Keep in mind that freedom to flow on your own is always an option in this class. This class will help you to build overall strength of mind and body as well as increase your endurance while simultaneously quieting the mind. Expect a great cardiovascular and strength-building workout.

Sleepytime Gentle Slow Burn

A candlelit class that's a little mellower than our regular slow burn to give you a nice flowy class before bed or a late night study session.