Gigi Gardner


Since my practice began in 2017, the heart of yoga has transcended how I experience life. The love was instant. I was wounded, in my own darkest pit of despondent despair, when the light of yoga found me. Just as yoga connects inner breath with outer movement, it has brought greater harmony to my inner and outer world. Yoga has healed, expanded, rooted, and bloomed me Spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. I could not imagine this life without it. God has used yoga in my life to help uncover the path to my other loves of hiking, kayaking, paddleboarding, backpacking (well anything adventuring, preferably in a dense forest by water!), cooking, gardening, and overall holistic wellness.

When I gained the confidence and calling to share this practice with others, I first obtained my Trauma Informed Yoga Certification under Jen Cousineau in the spring of 2020. Under the teachings of Toni Thomas, my Registered Yoga Training 200 hour (RYT-200) was completed in fall 2022. My experience as a mental health therapist (LMSW), allows me a perspective and warmth attuned to the unique experiences, views, and abilities of each yogi I meet and class I teach. As a yogi wanderer, I teach and flow wherever possible. Humans are such bright and vibrant creatures; I hope to exude a presence that reflects this.

“The light and pure love within me, bows to, and humbly acknowledges the space of pure light and love within you. Namaste.”