Matt Malcangi


Thankfully, growing up I had two very healthy influences in my life. Watching my mother work out to her Kathy Smith videos and a father who lifted weights and ran at the local track , they both influenced my “fitness bug” at a very young age.  After graduation, my outdoor hockey league ended, and so did much of my physical exercise. I soon began gaining weight and feeling very out of shape. As magazine subscriptions were still my thing the Muscle & Fitness magazine came every month with new exercise selections, techniques and nutritional tips inspired me to get a workout partner and begin a weekly routine at the local gym. I soon began seeing the results that i once imagined and feeling better than I ever had before. As my excitement for strength training grew, I felt a passion to share everything I learn and continue my education in health and fitness. Personal trainer since 2012. Metabolic Nutritional adviser since 2014. Integrative nutrition Health coach since 2017 and most recent certificate in understanding ourselves as a holistic human being as a yogi instructor. It all began in 2016 when a good friend invited me into my first slow burn vinyasa class with Lauren at firefly hot yoga.  After that first class my achy feet, pinched hips, and main muscle groups had felt a release that they had never felt before. After that first flow, as we stretched it out, I knew I had a lifetime ahead of research and development.  As an avid bodybuilder I rarely dedicated this kind of time for muscle tension balance or stretching in general, especially moving in any type of functional or dynamic way.     One flow every Sunday with Lauren kept me coming back each week looking for the next flow I felt ready to explore. A month into yoga and my good feels inspired 2 flows per week.  Now into today, where I enjoy a daily practice that changes with each instructor that I enjoy learning from, as every teacher has a new lesson or practice for you.  Yoga truly helped fix my body. It revealed many of my body’s imbalances lol not just in tree pose, but with basic ranges of motions in my joints, strength, balance, stamina , cardiovascular health and ability and overall balance from the left side of my body to the right. Just Over one year I was able to finally heal from my plantar fasciitis, lower back pains, and finally find my balance again. I have so much to give back to this practice that we call yoga. So, November of 2019 I had the opportunity to embrace a 200hr yoga teacher training program with Samantha Corbit and Maggie Olds along with a list of other knowledgeable professionals and instructors to find a deeper understanding of what kept me coming back every day and each week, with a better body and even better mindset along with it. Achieving the ultimate balance of strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination is a gift that gives back every practice; so, I welcome you as a beginner or advanced yogi to come explore your body again. Explore the imbalances, find your weaknesses, assist them back to balance. Back to Your dynamic strength. Your dynamic flexibility and most importantly back to your dynamic self. Join me as we empower your body back to its unlimited self once again. Slowly, for a true slow burn🙏