Class Descriptions

We highly recommend pre-registering for classes. There is an app available for your phone (Mindbody Connect) that allows for easy booking and cancellations and syncs automatically with your studio account and packages. Use the same email you gave us on your waiver for the app.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the class you registered for as we do start letting the reserved spots go 10 minutes before class. If you are running behind, call the studio and we will keep your spot! On the same note, classes start on time and we do lock the door so just be sure to get ahold of us if you are running late.

Look for flames to see the intensity of the class!
Check to see how full the thermometer is to see how high the heat is!

Lower Heat Classes - 90 - 95 °

Warming Up to Hot Yoga Candlelight Yin + Restorative Yoga Yoga for 12-Step of Recovery HiiT Vinyasa Spartan Power Fusion Kettlebells Insanity!

Warming Up to Hot Yoga

Intended as our beginner class, this lower-heat, slower-paced, gentler class will equip you with an introduction to yoga breath (pranayama) and movement. Because of its lower heat and more instructive approach, this class is also well suited for injured athletes, students who have difficulty adjusting to the high heat, and even children accompanied by parents.

Candlelight Yin + Restorative Yoga

Restore balance to your body and mind with this calm, slow-paced class designed to help you release the stress of the day. This class is done almost exclusively flat on the mat, with a few seated postures. Each posture is held for upwards of 8 controlled, intentional breathes. This practice takes place in a lower heat room with only candlelight. This class prepares where you can unwind and release from your day and be ready to take on the week.

Yoga for 12-Step of Recovery

Y12SR (Yoga of 12 Step Recovery) is safe, open and sacred space that welcomes anyone who is dealing with any addiction or trauma. This class consists of a 12-step topic/discussion, followed by a themed yoga and barre fusion practice.

HiiT Vinyasa

A combination of High Intensity Interval Training and yoga, this class focuses on building strength, cardiovascular endurance, calorie burn, and increased mobility. Participants can expect a dynamic yoga-based warm up, followed by alternating HIIT circuits and active-recovery yoga sequences. While definitely challenging, this class is accessible and adaptable to all levels of strength and fitness.

Spartan Power Fusion

50/50 yoga fusion class in the hot room, focused on the joy of yoga poses and sequences combined with building the muscular strength necessary to perform such challenging yoga asanas as plank, the Warriors, chaturanga, and inversions. Expect to get lost in a dynamic mix of yoga, plyometrics, body-weight resistance exercises, whatever our teachers come up with to sculpt you and help you find your true inner strength! We fused a few ideas of our and yours to create a dynamic class that loosens all the traditional boundaries around your yoga practice.


This class will kick ALL of your fitness goals into high gear. Kettlebells, with their “cannonball with a handle” weight displacement place a unique physical and metabolic demand on the body that results in full body integration, unbeatable core stabilization and amazing fat burning. This low temperature class is set up in either a circuit or complex designed to incorporate all 7 basic human movement patterns. Your muscles, mind, and nervous system will be awake and recharged after this class. The strength you build here transfers to real life: carrying the groceries, picking up kids and pets, running faster, jumping higher, holding yoga poses, and pretty much ANY way you want to move your body. Kettlebells ranging from 10 to 105 pounds provide a scaling from beginner to advanced in the same circuit.

“Strength has a greater purpose” Pavel Tsatsouline


This is an intense workout class designed for enhancing stamina and fat burning. It is divided into 3 stages, each one 10 minutes long. Warming up, the first 10 minutes, is designed to increase the blood flow into the muscles. This is followed by 10 minutes of fitness, a mixture of static and aerobics exercise for body shaping. Finally, max out, the last 10 minutes, comprises a 4 exercise circuit of 30 seconds each, which are repeated 5 times nonstop with increasing speed every 2 minutes.

Afterwards, those who want headstand or other inversion guidance are welcome to work with Mazen, an award winning gymnast, for 15-20 minutes.

Class Pricing

Cost should never stop you from getting in better shape, finding yourself, and living your truest self! We offer affordable drop-in and package options, as well as an unlimited monthly membership for students, fellow fitness instructors, and everyone else. All drop-in visits and packages come backed by a fully supportive and accepting community who want you to come as you are, get what you need, and leave feeling better.

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